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Photo Activation in Los Angeles County, CA

Providing Event Activation in California

Are you looking for Photo Activation in Los Angeles County, CA? OFEK Events provides Photo Activation in Los Angeles County, CA since 2008 with professionalism and great customer care.

Make your event photos stand out and let your guests have even more fun taking them!

From Mirror Photo Booths to Green Screen Photos to GIF Booths to Boomerang Booths to Beauty Booths, OFEK Events have the Photo Booth Activations that bring events to the next level and have guests talking.


Mirror photo Booth









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360 Video


Are you looking for Photo Activation in California? OFEK Events provides Photo Activation in California since 2008 with professionalism and great customer care.

Our skilled and experienced event activation staff specializes in Event Activation Service with personal approach and attention to details make Ofek standout in quality of events and in our customer satisfaction rate.

Make your event photos stand out and let your guests have even more fun taking them!

From Mirror Photo Booths to Green Screen Photos to GIF Booths to Boomerang Booths to Beauty Booths, OFEK Events have the Photo Booth Activations that bring events to the next level and have guests talking.

Our company is based on the belief that our customers’ needs are the most important. Our entire team is committed to meet those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

The Photo Activation has entertained thousands of people of all ages for a wide variety of events from weddings to corporate events to
birthdays to grand openings to special events and more. From private to corporate events, the Photo Activation is suitable for (but not limited) to:


The Photo Mosaic Wall creates digital & physical mosaics from live event photos in real-time. The photos are automatically fetched from Instagram, Twitter, on-site photo booths, an on-site photographer’s camera, and more.

Photo Activation For Corporate Events

Ofek events uses interactive photo and video stations to empower brands and organizations. Our events have been proven to build relationships with the target audience. Our unique photo and video activations will also help you Improve Your Online Visibility by enabling your guests to share their pictures with your logo across the leading social media platforms - exposing your brand to new audiences.

With our innovative state of the art photo and video activation experiences, you will be sure to get the attention you are looking for and draw the crowd. Increase on Site Traffic, Collect Qualified Data and Ensure your return on investment. We offer customizable data mining tools that let you to gather relevant insights consumer and get engagement with new potential clients.


Photo Activation For Private Events

We make your event special with our private event activations. We create memorable fun and excitement with your family and friends. Our photo and video activations are unique, interactive and exciting unlike any other photo booth company! Those moments will stay with you forever!

Photo Activation For Community Events

Make it fun for your community to take part in your events. Our community event activations will be a great fun and exciting reason to come again. Our custom setup can easily be included in any Community Events, be it indoors or outdoors, as long as it is under a marquee with a power source.

Having a photo or video activation at a community event is always popular with attendees from all ages and backgrounds. Providing an interactive unforgettable experience and print outs as a favor at community events is a great takeaway for all attendees and are often great conversation starters during community and social get togethers.


Mirror, Mirror on the Floor

What is Mirror Me Booth?

Mirror me Booth is a mirror Photo booth with a twist …

Hidden behind the mirror is photo booth technology that allows the mirror to interact with the guest, it talks to them, lets them play games, and allows them to take cool pics.

Mirror me also has some other great features like touch technology that allows the user to draw on their own pictures right on the screen! Mirror me has endless fun possibilities to make your party a hit.

How does Mirror Me work?

Elegant, Modern social photography, the Mirror Me booth is a unique photo booth-based activity that is perfect for any event.

Using the two way mirror the guest can see themselves just like they are looking at a normally mirror.

The mirror then comes alive and costume and interactive elements will be displayed on the mirror inviting the user to then touch the mirror to start the experience.

Once the guest activates the mirror it will display customized messages and count down before taking 1-4 photos.

Now that the quest has taken the photos the mirror displays another message asking the quest to sign or add their name to the photo.

Lastly the photos are printed and or can be emailed to the guest or posted directly to social media.

With OFEK Events’ Mirror Photo Booth, guests can have an unforgettable time taking selfies while getting a treasured photo memory to take from your event.

Guests walk up to the lighted full-length Mirror Booth for unexpected interactive fun. The Mirror Booth Photo Activation interacts with your guests by taking their pictures, playing games, and encouraging them to create personalized messages through writing, drawing, or emoji.

Pictures and messages are printed out photo booth style so guests can bring a keepsake of their unforgettable time home.


Lights, Camera, Green Screen!

The incredible Hollywood green screen technology is now available for your next brand activation with OFEK Events Green Screen Photo Booth rental.

Superimpose guests against an endless selection of environments and transport them anywhere around the world or into the cosmos.

Wow your guests again and again with this unique experience, high-quality images, and the ability to print and share their photo with your branding on it. Customize your green screen images to promote your brand or event, ensuring an unforgettable marketing takeaway that people want to keep.

How does the green screen work?

Choose Your Own Background

Choose the images you would like to provide as backgrounds for your guests to be photographed with. Whether you decide to offer several background options or one specific branded one that can include your logo, guests stand before a green screen and are guided through the photo-taking process by our experienced and professional onsite staff.

Once the photo is captured, it’s displayed on the Green Screen kiosk for guests to review. Our Green Screen Photo Booth rental allows guests to choose their photo, print, and share from the booth itself. By the time our staff hands over the print, the guests have finished entering their email to receive their digital copy.

After the event, you’ll receive a Dropbox link that includes all the photos from the event. Event photos can be used for internal or external marketing purposes.

Customize the Green Screen Photo Booth

OFEK Events customizable Green Screen backgrounds offer endless possibilities to match the theme of your brand activation.

Want purposeful placement of your guests?

Give them the Hollywood experience! Transporting guests into a variety of custom branded scenes. Put them on a poster or in a movie scene or in front of a brewery or any of our customizable backgrounds.

Each printed and digital photo is stamped with a customizable watermark, like your company logo.

You can even vinyl wrap the Green Screen Photo Booth kiosk and turn it into a visual representation of your brand.


Give the Gift of GIF

Compact and efficient, OFEK Events GIF Photo Booth rental is designed for the social media age.

Fun, fast, and easy to use, as operated by our onsite staff, your guests will happily share their GIFs at your next brand activation.

In addition to the digital GIF, the GIF Photo Booth also prints the captured photos. This digital and physical two-fer adds depth to your branding while giving your guests two takeaways that they’ll love.

How does the GIF Photo Booth work?

Guests pose against a backdrop while the countdown begins.

3, 2, 1. Action!

The camera clicks, capturing the first picture and the countdown starts again.

After three shots, the photos are strung together, creating an animated video that plays on the GIF Photo Booth for guests to enjoy. Our onsite staff prints the photos while guests enter their email to receive a digital copy that they can share on social media, enabling your brand to reach far beyond the walls of the venue.

After the event, you’ll receive a Dropbox link that includes all the photos from the event. Event photos can be used for internal or external marketing purposes.

Customize the GIF Photo Booth

Customize your guests’ video GIF and printouts with your branded watermark or design.

The backdrop in the photos can also be customized with your logo or design, or choose a green screen with its endless options to superimpose your guests.

You can also vinyl wrap the GIF Photo Booth to create a customized standing visual of your brand at the event.

Wow guests while providing easily shareable content for social media with the best of both worlds: custom GIFs and photo printouts.


Photos that Go Boomerang!

Get excitement and animation at your next activation with our newly redesigned Boomerang Booth.

OFEK Events Boomerang Photo Booth creates unique and hilarious GIFs, transforming guests into superstars of their own movie that they can share across social media. The popularity of these Boomerang GIFs gives your brand the Instagram spotlight, providing visual content well past the day of your event.

How does the Boomerang Photo Booth work?

As guests prepare their performance in the open-air corporate Boomerang Photo Booth rental, crowds gather excitedly for what they are about to see. Prompted by our onsite staff, participants begin their Boomerang by acting out whacky unrehearsed scenes, creating excitement for themselves and the audience. When finished, the short GIF is broadcast on the kiosk for all to see. Participants then text or email their Boomerangs from our social media station, creating a lasting memorable experience.

After the event, you’ll receive a Dropbox link that includes all the photos from the event. Event photos can be used for internal or external marketing purposes.

Customize the Boomerang Photo Booth

OFEK Events offers a variety of ways to customize the Boomerang Photo Booth rental including:

  • Add a customized watermark. Stamp your logo, company design, or other image on every shared video.

  • Creating an animated moving watermark. Use a custom animated logo or design like rolling text.

  • Green screen or custom printed backdrop. Further highlight your brand with custom physical backdrops or green screen backdrops.

  • Custom printouts. The Boomerang Photo Booth prints custom stills for a memorable takeaway from your brand activation

Perfect for Instagram, the Boomerang Photo Booth creates fun, sharable Boomerangs customized with your event branding.


Ready for your close up?

Every guest’s dream can become a reality at your next activation – a photo they’ll love the first time.

With OFEK Events Beauty Photo Booth, guests can pose like their favorite Instagram models while our specially designed filter creates a cover-worthy photo.

Smoothed and blemish-free pictures are adored and eagerly shared at our social media station. Stamped with your brand, the printed and digital takeaways bring stunning photo guests will continue to cherish long after your event.

How does the Beauty Photo Booth work?

As the countdown clock starts, get runway ready for your cover-worthy photo.

Participants stand against a backdrop at the open-air photo booth, positioned by our professional staff to ensure a high quality, composed picture. The Beauty Photo Booth kiosk counts down and the camera takes a photo. Our special Beauty Booth software applies an in-house designed filter that creates perfect lighting, dimension, and blemish removal for a spectacular picture guests will love. A 4”x6” postcard-sized print out is given to guests to take home, accompanying the digital image which they share from our social media station.

After the event, you’ll receive a Dropbox link that includes all the photos from the event. Event photos can be used for internal or external marketing purposes.

Customize the Beauty Photo Booth

Create a custom backdrop or add a custom watermark to every digital and physical copy, so your theme is seamlessly integrated into the stunning photo.

Upgrade the service to a Beauty Booth GIF, bringing the same photo and editing qualities to the popular animated service.

Get best selfies around by bringing cover-quality beauty filters to your guests who will eagerly model your brand on social media.

Not only do we have the equipment and the technology to handle large events, we also have the production experience to know what photo activation services work and the experience to keep everything running smoothly throughout the entire event.

We welcome the opportunity to deliver your next unforgettable photo event experience.

For more information about our Photo Activation in Los Angeles County, CA, contact us to learn more.

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