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Make your event photos stand out and let your guests have even more fun taking them!

From Mirror Photo Booths Green Screen Photos to GIF Booths to Boomerang Booths to Beauty Booths, OFEK Events have the Photo Booth Activations that bring events to the next level and have guests talking.

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How does Mirror Me work?

Elegant, Modern social photography, the Mirror Me booth is a unique photo booth-based activity that is perfect for any event.

Using the two way mirror, guests can see themselves just like they are looking at a normally mirror.

The mirror then comes alive! costume and interactive elements will be displayed on the mirror inviting the user to touch the mirror to start the experience.

Once the guest activates the mirror it will display customized messages and count down before taking 1-4 photos.

Now that the quest has taken the photos the mirror displays another message asking the quest to sign or add their name to the photo.

Lastly the photos are printed and or can be emailed to the guest or posted directly to social media.


There are several ways to customize our magic mirror photo booth, which include:

  • Branding each photo with your logo, the text you desire and a customized watermark which appears on all printouts and digital copies.

  • Creating customized animations for the mirror like the Home screen, starting prompt, countdown, compliment, etc.

  • Adding a custom vinyl wrap to the outside of the Selfie Mirror.

  • Providing a branded backdrop for people to pose in front of.

  • creating and using customized digital props that could be add on the photos.

With OFEK Events’ Mirror Photo Booth, guests can have an unforgettable time taking selfies while getting a treasured photo memory to take from your event.

Guests walk up to the lighted full-length Mirror Booth for unexpected interactive fun. The Mirror Booth Photo Activation interacts with your guests by taking their pictures, playing games, and encouraging them to create personalized messages through writing, drawing, or emoji.

Pictures and messages are printed out photo booth style so guests can bring a keepsake of their unforgettable time home.

The Mirror Photo Booth has entertained thousands of people of all ages for a wide variety of events from weddings to corporate events to birthdays to grand openings to special events and more. 

Mirror Me Booth for Corporate Events

Ofek events uses interactive photo and video stations to empower brands and organizations.

Our events have been proven to build relationships with the target audience.

Our unique photo and video activations will also help you Improve Your Online Visibility by enabling your guests to share their pictures with your logo across the leading social media platforms:

Exposing your brand to new audiences.

With our innovative state of the art photo and video activation experiences, you will be sure to get the attention you are looking for and draw the crowd. Increase on Site Traffic, Collect Qualified Data and Ensure your return on investment. We offer customizable data mining tools that let you to gather relevant insights consumer and get engagement with new potential clients.


Mirror Photo Booth Activation For Private Events

We make your event special with our private event activations. We create memorable fun and excitement with your family and friends. Our photo and video activations are unique, interactive and exciting unlike any other photo booth company! Those moments will stay with you forever!

Mirror Photo Booth Activation For Community Events

Make it fun for your community to take part in your events. Our community event activations will be a great fun and exciting reason to come again. Our custom setup can easily be included in any Community Events, be it indoors or outdoors, as long as it is under a marquee with a power source.

Having a photo or video activation at a community event is always popular with attendees from all ages and backgrounds. Providing an interactive unforgettable experience and print outs as a favor at community events is a great takeaway for all attendees and are often great conversation starters during community and social get togethers.

Not only do we have the equipment and the technology to handle large events, we also have the production experience to know what photo activation services work and the experience to keep everything running smoothly throughout the entire event.

We welcome the opportunity to deliver your next unforgettable photo event experience.

For more information about Mirror Photo Booth in California or any of our Photo Activations, contact us to learn more.

OFEK events – Your Trusted Source for Mirror Photo Booth in California.


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