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Magazine Cover Photo booth

New ! Magazine Cover Photo booth :Step into the spotlight as the star of your own personalized magazine cover- an exclusive Photo Magazine Booth experience. 

specially crafted photo booth with your custom preferred magazine style.

Our team will assist in tailoring the headline titles to perfectly complement your occasion.

Connect with us now to secure the Photo Magazine Booth for your upcoming event!

Our package includes personalized branding on the front plexiglass, showcasing your graphics, logos,    taglines, and with a unique touch.

 Professional staff ensures a seamless experience with booth delivery, set-up, and breakdown, providing you with peace of mind.

 Each booth is custom designed and branded to match the theme and essence of your specific event or installation.

 Our friendly attendants are on-site to assist guests in and out of the booth, ensuring a fun and enjoyable experience throughout your event.

 Choose between guests using their own cell phones for photo capture or opt for our specialized photo capture system, granting you flexibility.

 Enhance your photos by adding filters and effects using popular apps like TikTok, Instagram, or other creative tools.

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